Wellbeing Committees Important To Patient Safety

Many doctors don’t understand that success rates for treatment of addiction are equal to, and often higher, than success rates of other medical disorders. If you’re a professional under monitoring, your success rate [for recovery] can be up in the 90th percentile. With diabetes, you might achieve 25 to 33 percent,” according to Michael Fishman,Continue reading “Wellbeing Committees Important To Patient Safety”

The Importance of Family Recovery

In 2000, Stephanie Brown published her ground-breaking book The Family Recovery Guide: A Map for Healthy Growth. She wrote about the paradoxical situation in which “the unhealthy state of alcoholism, with its unpredictability, anxiety and danger, is often normal for the family while the beginning of a committed process of recovery is experienced as anContinue reading “The Importance of Family Recovery”

National Recovery Month Applies To Physicians and Surgeons

National Recovery Month promotes the multitude of benefits that come with prevention, treatment, and recovery for substance use disorders. Individuals of all types come together to celebrate their recovery and to appreciate the contributions of treatment and service providers that assist them in returning to healthy, productive lives. The month was created by SAMHSA toContinue reading “National Recovery Month Applies To Physicians and Surgeons”

Connecting Doctor To Doctor and Peer To Peer

The planning committee for the WSHCPG is pleased that so many have chosen to attend this gathering. Hearing stories from peers restores a positive outlook and helps to inspire a strong commitment to a life of recovery. A life that embraces personal and professional growth, that includes and embraces family and emphasizes self-care. Issues thatContinue reading “Connecting Doctor To Doctor and Peer To Peer”

Fifth Reason to Join Us at the WSHCPG Conference in Redondo Beach, CA.

A crucial element of recovery is working the 12th Step by carrying the message to those who are still suffering. Attending the conference will serve individuals who are just getting used to the idea that they have an active addiction, those who are in treatment or newly returned to their workplace. The WSHCPG Conference offersContinue reading “Fifth Reason to Join Us at the WSHCPG Conference in Redondo Beach, CA.”

Conference Scholarships Available For Doctors In Recovery

WSHCPG is pleased to announce that we are able to award a limited number of complimentary registrations to doctorate-level health care professionals in recovery from addiction. The conference is scheduled for February 19-21, 2016 in Redondo Beach, California. To be considered, send an email with your request providing background information about your current situation andContinue reading “Conference Scholarships Available For Doctors In Recovery”

4th Reason to Join Us At WSHCPG Conference

It’s now official. The educational presentations at the conference have been approved for CME credit through CSAM. From February 19 through 21, leading experts in the field of addiction and recovery are presenting on cutting edge topics; from naltrexone to meditation, from medically assisted treatment to PTSD and more. Please review the full program HEREContinue reading “4th Reason to Join Us At WSHCPG Conference”

3rd Reason to join Us At the WSHCPG Conference

Fellowship is a key component of recovery. Connecting with others who have walked the path successfully uplifts and edifies. That’s what Western States Health Care Professionals Group is for We have confirmed our AA speakers for the retreat and are pleased to let you know we have a stellar slate of recovering doctors lined upContinue reading “3rd Reason to join Us At the WSHCPG Conference”

2nd Reason To Join Us At WSHCPG Conference

We have assembled a group of excellent speakers who will address the myriad complex and emotionally-charged issues surrounding physicians and other doctorate level professionals in recovery. We’re pleased to announce that the keynote speaker on Saturday night is Mike Robbins, a practicing internist who became sober some years ago and has stayed involved with recoveryContinue reading “2nd Reason To Join Us At WSHCPG Conference”