Fifth Reason to Join Us at the WSHCPG Conference in Redondo Beach, CA.

29f758f3-0855-49a6-824d-8866d9a286ffA crucial element of recovery is working the 12th Step by carrying the message to those who are still suffering. Attending the conference will serve individuals who are just getting used to the idea that they have an active addiction, those who are in treatment or newly returned to their workplace. The WSHCPG Conference offers an ideal format to network informally with others who are further down the road. It also makes it effortless for health professionals in the Western Region to deepen their connections with one another.

Our theme for the AA portion of the conference is The Promises of Recovery – A Scientific Look from Personal Perspectives. There will also be Al-Anon meetings and a panel discussing The Importance of Family Recovery.

Please consider making a donation to support this opportunity for sharing and to make scholarships available. We’ve made it easy to do so when you register HERE.

We need your help to carry the message to all who would benefit. Please download this FLYER to distribute as you see fit.