Western Doctors In Recovery

Our group is dedicated to bringing together health care professionals who are committed to walking the path of recovery. It is a walk best shared with others. We convene annually in the western region of the United States for education and fellowship.

We offer information, resources and encouragement. Our annual meetings are designed to educate and inspire all who attend. Since addiction is a family disease, we encourage participants to include their spouse or partner, and adult children. The way of recovery is not an easy path, but it is a deeply rewarding one. Join us to learn about the newest trends in addiction medicine, to hear stories told by some of our prominent successes and meet with professional colleagues in recovery.

Please see the video below of Chris Bundy, Medical Director of the Washington Physicians Health Program, discussing the WDR Meetings.

Comments from Past Conference Attendees

“The caliber of the lectures was amazing, probably the best ever in one place at one time. It was a great mix of the medical and the AA. The quality of the speakers was profound.”

“Up to date and compelling. The audience was very engaged.”

“Many pearls for my own recovery and for use in my practice.”

Contact us at info@westerndoctorsinrecovery.com