Connecting Doctor To Doctor and Peer To Peer

Recovery signThe planning committee for the WSHCPG is pleased that so many have chosen to attend this gathering. Hearing stories from peers restores a positive outlook and helps to inspire a strong commitment to a life of recovery. A life that embraces personal and professional growth, that includes and embraces family and emphasizes self-care.

Issues that are particularly relevant to physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other health professionals will be at the forefront of the conference; in the formal presentations, in the AA & Al-Anon meetings and in the informal gatherings that naturally evolve in this environment. Friendships will be made, connections will be strengthened and learning will take place.

We have a chair for you if you don’t want to miss out. Check out our website here. If you’re already registered, you’ll receive a letter early next week providing all the details we think you’ll need to make arriving and staying at the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach easy.

We appreciate the donations many of you have made to the scholarship fund.
Thank you for your generosity.