Letter from Harry H.

Dear Healthcare Professional In recovery, or better, Brothers and Sisters,

My first experience with other Healthcare Professionals in recovery was my first IDAA meeting in the desert in 2001. I was amazed that I was not the only physician with a chemical dependence in the world, and the magic of walking into that room lives with me each day. But every year back in New England, I attended a small group called the New England Professionals Group. It was basically a regional IDAA meeting that was three days long and where a small group of intimate friends gathered with families to celebrate recovery. I took this idea to the founding members of our group and it evolved into our first meeting at Redondo Beach in 2015.

As anyone who attended will tell you, the magic of a concentrated recovery renewal weekend cannot be over emphasized as one of the greatest strategies for a lasting and strengthened recovery program. Our wonderful organizers have made this a CME event, so credit and deductions may apply to anyone who participates. The joy is getting to know someone and then reuniting with them at the IDAA meeting in New Orleans next August. This is not an “Either or” situation. Those of us who will go to any length to strengthen our recovery and know where we’ve been and where we’ve come from will and should participate in these regional meetings as well. We need a firm foundation in our own backyard and you will make valuable recovery friends at this meeting, who at any point in time, could get a phone call from you or make phone call to you, that could save a life. After all this recovery thing is a matter of life or death, and I urge anyone and everyone who is a Healthcare Professional to attend.

God bless you and see you in February,

Harry L. Haroutunian, MD
Physician Director
Residential Treatment, Licensed Professional Program; Clinical Diagnostic Evaluations
Board Certified, American Society of Addiction Medicine
Board Certified, American Board of Family Medicine